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: mahogany planks
: sraheens 26 October, 2006, 15:16
Hi I was looking for some mahogany planks  
4inches wide
126ft length in total
Are these hard to get and would it be expensive to buy since at the moment oak is all the rage!!!!!
Thanks again for your help

: Re: mahogany planks
: Woodmaster 26 October, 2006, 16:19
"Mahogany" is a phrase used (and frequently misused) to cover timber from a number of different species of timber - many of which are protected species from South America and Africa.   

You should be aware that a significant proportion of the timber from these areas is still felled illegally.  According to ( :   "Ireland's insatiable appetite for tropical timber is contributing to deforestation of African rainforests...60% of all tropical timber entering Ireland is from illegal-logging activities.."   The World Wildlife Fund has been trying to encourage EU governments to take action to reduce imports of illegally felled trees.   The results (see ( are shocking enough, but the Irish government, for some inexplicable reason, refused to particpate!  The other 22 countires in the 2006 survey may have had variable results, but at least they bothered to answer 11 fairly simple questions!!

At Lisnavagh, we only sell sustainable & traceable timber from trees grown in Ireland, and so mahogany is very unlikely to see it's way onto our stock lists.   However, it's not impossible that there is a mahogany tree somewhere in Ireland that might end up here sometime!

You can see from our stock lists ( ( that we sell timber from several species (including oak, of course!), but if none of these suit you and you still want to go for mahogany then you should contact one of the timber importers in Ireland (e.g. Abbey Woods).

Best wishes
William Bunbury

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