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: hallo william
: celt 30 January, 2007, 02:11
hi william
          carl here from cork city dont know if you remember me but i bought some timber from you a few months ago , i have started to carve it have about 20 pieces started but none finished particulary like the yew effect hard to carve but finish is beautifull just thought id post you a link to view the starting progress of a few pieces its at also the limewood turns out lovely im actually making mirrors clocks lights lamps picture frames but carved in celtic also i must try different types from you also any hints to which type of wood comes out nicely finished?

: Re: more yew
: celt 07 February, 2007, 00:31
i love this yew timber just another piece to show its nearly finished but love the grain that runs through the yew

: Re: hallo william
: Woodmaster 09 February, 2007, 14:21
Hi Carl
Thanks for your posts.   Those pieces of work look wonderful - well done!  I think you also got some sycamore form us too - have you tried working with that yet?
Best wishes

: Re: hallo william
: celt 10 February, 2007, 00:16
hi william
           havent tried the sycamore yet searching for a special design for that will mix the yew and sycamore together , to me the sycamore is like a chocalate flake on a 99 ice cream cone saving the best for last thank you for the complimaint will be in touch for more timber soon

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