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For Sale & Wanted => For Sale => : phillip 15 January, 2008, 14:33

: chestnut planks
: phillip 15 January, 2008, 14:33
2 Number chestnut planks ,cut through&through ,air dried 10 Years, carefully inside.

Dims=1 Tapered  x 2mtr long  x 0.470 mm wide x 0.340 mm wide x .035 mm thick

 1 with branch knot (nice markings).Dims=2.160 long x(O/A 0.410 mm) wide x 0.35 mm
thick,   Knot is at edge of plank  3/4 along and  solid. dims at knot 0.510 mm. wide                                                         
Was to be made into table with gap down center with bog oak or brass spacers (supplied) between planks,there are two small splits at one end ?( bogoak or brass butterflys inserts material  supplied) If your nice :D    for any other infromation.                                                   

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