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: Looking for safety gear, respirator, air filtration
: loz 24 September, 2008, 14:07

After only finding very expensive gear, does any know the Cheapest place,to get either AirPro or Power Cap powered respirators, and something similar to microclenes air filtration ( for small workshop the MC100 seems about right size. ) .

I know this gear is very important, and i am doing more and more turning, and going thru buckets of paper masks.

Im also looking for something like the Record Power Dust collection ( for dust and chip ) , the bucket/hose types, but somewhere cheaper than mcquillans !!



: Re: Looking for safety gear, respirator, air filtration
: pooka 19 February, 2009, 13:02
Some possible sources for respirators and air filters:

It is worth checking some other sites (both in Europe and the US) to compare prices before buying, and there are certainly other sites in the UK that may supply them too. For the air filter, look at the Jet products - I have an AFS500,  which I have found to be good.

For Record Power products, their website gives prices and resellers:

I have the DX4000, which certainly works but it is very noisy. I would recommend having a look at the cyclone option for dust collection before deciding on any particular product though - there is a lot of information on cyclones available online if you search via Google or the like.

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