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: plans for desk
: KDeacon 19 January, 2009, 17:54
I am looking for plans / drawings for an office desk. I hope to use Beech, if there is any reason why Beech would not be suitable, I would appreciate any tips.

: Re: plans for desk
: keithkarl2007 03 March, 2009, 00:04
is it just ordinary beech or spalted

: Re: plans for desk
: KDeacon 03 March, 2009, 08:35
i don't know yet! It is still in the trunk. I know I am a bit early in looking for plans, but until I know what size timber I want, how do I instruct the saw mill? Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.

: Re: plans for desk
: keithkarl2007 08 March, 2009, 21:53
If you look at the area where its going and get rough sizes for length, depth and shape give me a shout. A kidney shaped top, with a file drawer on one side and a cabinet or other drawers the other size would look nice, just an idea. I made one recently in oak with drawers on the working side and two glass doors on the front. The top had leather inlayed into an oak frame

: Re: plans for desk
: KDeacon 09 March, 2009, 17:59
thanks for your reply, after looking at our requirments and space, the idea of a "double desk" might be the best. for this we thought if I made three "two-drawer" filing cabinets and put a top over the the lot. the idea of leather inserts sounds good, but i have no idea how to do it. do you have plans for a 2 drawer filing cabinet? hopefully the timber will be stable enough so it will not warp and make the drawers stiff!

: Re: plans for desk
: keithkarl2007 24 March, 2009, 20:06
would you have 2 cabinets on one side and then leg room in between for sitting

: Re: plans for desk
: KDeacon 24 March, 2009, 21:43
The space we have is 10ft and the idea would be to have one 2 drawer cabinate, space for legs under neath, another cabinate, more space and the 3rd cabinate.

: Re: plans for desk
: keithkarl2007 27 March, 2009, 20:40
is it for 2 people to use

: Re: plans for desk
: KDeacon 30 March, 2009, 08:28
the desk top would rest on 3 supports, one at each end and the trird in the center. two of these supports would be 2 drawer filing cabinets and the third might be a set of drawers (or a third filing cabinet)

: Re: plans for desk
: KDeacon 30 March, 2009, 08:34
yes it is planned that two people can use it,

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