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: 3/4" steel pipes?
: pooka 14 March, 2005, 14:25
I am trying to find 3/4" steel pipes (threaded on one end) for use with clamp heads that I have, ideally in 8ft lengths. They seem to be readily available in the US, but any of the Irish builders providers that I have contacted don't sell them. I'm not even sure that  such pipes are used in this country.

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells such pipes here in Ireland?


: Re: 3/4" steel pipes?
: Woodmaster 15 March, 2005, 01:02

Good to hear from you again.

First thought is, where did the clamp heads come from?   Would they be able to source them for you?

Second thought is get someone to make them.   I suggest ringing JAP Engineering just down the road from here or Precision Engeneering in Tullow.   Sorry I don't have their numbers to hand.   Give me a ring and I'll try and dig them out for you!

William Bunbury

: Re: 3/4" steel pipes?
: pooka 15 March, 2005, 13:28
Hi William,
The clamp heads came from the US. I have looked at buying some pipes from there, but while the pipes themselves are not very expensive the delivery charges are another matter entirely (they are not very heavy, but I am looking for 8ft lengths so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that delivery is expensive). It looks like such pipes are commonly used (for plumbing I am presuming) in the US, but it appears from what I have found so far that steel pipes are not popular at all on this side of the water.

Having them made isn't a bad idea and might be my best bet. I'll give you a ring for those numbers, probably later today or maybe tomorrow. Thanks.

: Re: 3/4" steel pipes?
: pooka 08 December, 2005, 16:45
Late late update: For anyone else that may fnd themselves looking for these steel pipes, I eventually found a place in Dublin that sells them - BSS on the South Circular Road (address is here ( The pipes come in 6metre lengths, so I just cut them to the sizes I wanted. I went for the galvanised pipes, which were in or around 20euro each plus VAT.

The threads of the pipe exactly match the threads on my US clamp heads. Having cut various lengths of pipe, I now just need to hire a die to thread each of my pieces of pipe giving me a variety of different length clamps. Using female couplers between pairs of pipes will allow me to make up clamps of any length I like, so they are a very versatile (and relatively cheap) option if you are looking for clamps (the clamp heads themselves are not expensive either).

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