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: Railway Sleepers
: Kurbz(Guest) 11 January, 2006, 03:25
Hi all,

I am just looking for some advise.  Is it easy/practical to work with railway sleepers?  I want to fashon a mantle for my fireplace in the sitting room.  I hear the sleepers may be soaked in some sort of solution and also may be covered with tar? I do admit that the sleepers i have seen, altho not covered in tar, do seem oily.  Has anyone worked with these or have any knowladge for me?

Doubting this I have considered oak (bog oak?). I basically want a dar(ish) wood. I thought the sleepers would make a nice touch. Where could I purchase enough wood to make a standard lenght mantle (and 4 small (4x2) shelvs)?.

Located in Limerick.


Kev. B

: Re: Railway Sleepers
: Woodmaster 11 January, 2006, 10:31

I haven't worked with railway sleepers myself, so I don't know a lot about them.   However, I think that the "solution" they are soaked in probably creosote (an oil based preservative).   Creosote is fairly nasty stuff, and allegedly carcinogenic.   However, as a mantle piece that may or may not matter too much?

If you are prepared to travel here from Limerick, you could have a look at a couple of 4" thick pieces of elm that we have in stock, and which were sawn as mantle pieces.   This is the darkest wood that we have.

Best wishes
William Bunbury

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