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: storing kiln dried timber
: pat 14 March, 2006, 15:10

I have 30 cubes of beech which I wish to have kiln dried. I was wondering what is the best way to store this timber once I have had it dried. Someone suggested wrapping it in plastic and stacking it on a rack.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Pat (member)

: Re: storing kiln dried timber
: Woodmaster 14 March, 2006, 18:24

Wood will always try and achieve a moisture content that is consistent with it's surroundings.   (This is called EMC, or Equilibrium Moisture Content).   In other words, the damper the atmosphere it is stored in, the higher the moisture content (MC) of the wood becomes.  

Wrapping the wood in a bag might help to slow or even stop the rate at which the wood absorbs moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, but this may not be neccessary if the wood is being stored in a dry atmosphere anyway.   Putting it on a rack might allow the air to circulate around the timber, which is fine if the wood is wet and the air is dry.   But dry wood in a humid atmosphere will soak up the moisture from the air, and a rack might makr this happen more quickly!...

The ideal storage would be a room which has the same level of moisture in the air as the room that the "final product" ends up in when it is finished.

Here at Lisnavagh, we try to keep the atmosphere at about the same level of humidity as you would find in a modern house by using three dehumidifiers in the building where the kiln dried boards are stored.  There are varying views about what that level of humidity should be, but I think it should be between 40% and 60% Relative Humidity - and the lower the better.   When the boards come out of the kiln, they are generally 10%MC.   They will stay at this level for weeks, but I have found some boards at 12-13%MC after a year or so.   That's not too bad, but beginning to get high.   (Having been kiln dried, it will be a more stable piece of timber anyway.

Se our glossary at for further info on this.

Best wishes
William Bunbury

: Re: storing kiln dried timber
: pat 11 April, 2006, 11:27

Thanks for that, timber is due out of the kiln in 3-4 weeks and will be stored in my workshop.

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