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: The Mentor Revisited, RTE1
: Woodmaster 09 August, 2006, 01:19
They're back...
They're filming us again.   
Cameras are here tomorrow...
A Follow-up series for RTE featuring some of the companies in the original series.   
Also Discovery are supposed to be screening the original series and need an update for the last 10 minutes of the programmes.
Here we go!

: Re: The Mentor Revisited - RTE1 on Thursday, 19th October 2006
: Woodmaster 09 October, 2006, 22:13
For those interested, the episode of The Mentor Revisited featuring Lisnavagh will be screened on RTE1 on Thursday 19th October at 10.45pm.

The programme looks at the advice we were given here a year ago and whether or not we followed that advice.   Some of you may have seen the article (2 pages!) in the Sunday Times Home section last Sunday (8th October) which explained some of the background.   You do not need to have seen the programme screened in October last year to understand what this is all about - it's all explained for you in the up-coming programme.

If you don't know about Lisnavagh, then this programme will give you a pretty good insight into what we are up to.   In fact even if you DO know Lisnavagh, it will probably reveal a few things you didn't know!

Best Wishes
William Bunbury

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