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: Where to buy power tools
: swift 23 August, 2006, 14:03
Hello, I'm trying to locate a good retailer of power tools at reasonable prices specifically a router, do you know of any suppliers other than goughs and Mcquillans in Dublin, or elsewhere in Ireland. Would ordering from the U.K be worthwhile with delivery costs? Plan to get some wood from yourselves to test the router out! Any info much appreciated. Thanks.

: Re: Where to buy power tools
: brendan 30 August, 2006, 23:29
I find B&Q liffey valley ok. They have a Trade section which stocks pro quality tools at reasonable prices and a Diy section which is particularly good for Routers such as Trend, Bosch etc.

: Re: Where to buy power tools
: pooka 11 September, 2006, 15:52
I have bought tools via a number of websites over the last few years. Delviery charges vary from site to site - I'd be wary of sites that don't specify delivery charges openly on their website, but this may not be possible in some cases (e.g. delivery costs from the US are based on weight so they can't quote you for delivery until you have selected the tools you want to buy. Typically, in this case, you have to put together an order, submit your credit card details, and wait for the delivery quote via e-mail, after which you can either proceed with the order or effectively cancel the order by choosing not to proceed with it). Some sites worth checking out are (some of which I mention in another thread here today, some of which I forgot to mention in that thread):

Irish sites: (used to be, and might still be, run by O'Callaghans who have a store on Capel Street in Dublin)

UK sites:  (delivery costs are reasonable, but get very high)

US sites:  (delivery charges are high)  (delivery charges are reasonable)

Canadian sites:  (delivery charges are reasonable)

Some of the above sites sell hand tools, and other stuff, in addition to power tools. I have never bought power tools from the US or Canada because of the differing power requirements. As per my post on the "ordering power tools from the US" thread, remember that deliveries from outside the EU are subject to VAT and import duty, which can obviously add greatly to the cost.  I haven't bought from so can't say anything about them one way or the other (other than that they are the online equivalent of somewhere that sells everything from a pin to an anchor!).

Of the sites above, I can highly recommend and in particular. The other sites are very good too, but in some cases their range may not be that great (e.g. while in others their delivery charges can be significant (e.g. - having said that I have bought from Woodcraft several times as their range of products is excellent)

I have used some other sites in the past too, which are gone from my head at the moment. If some more occur to me I'll post them here later. If you are interested in non-power tools, then I would highly recommend that you look at the following German site:

...they stock excellent tools (as well as budget tools, but they typically clearly identify which is which on the website), their website is a wealth of useful information, their prices are reasonable (although some US sites can be cheaper for some things), delivery is quick and very reasonable, and I have found them very helpful to deal with.  They also have some very good value special offers occasionally.  They are the most pleasant web-based seller that I have dealt with.

Hope this helps.

: Re: Where to buy power tools
: Woodmaster 12 September, 2006, 14:18
Irish sites: (used to be, and might still be, run by O'Callaghans who have a store on Capel Street in Dublin) doesn't seem to exist anymore, but it seems to be affiliated with (if not operated by) Lenehans who are also on Capel Street(?) - see (

William Bunbury

: Re: Where to buy power tools
: pooka 12 September, 2006, 15:11
Oops, you are right, is (was) Lenehans not O'Callaghans as I suggested (don't know where I plucked that name from - too much time spent sniffing sawdust!). They are now reachable at The website has a far wider range of tools available than their store on Capel Street might suggest, but for some of the prices that I check in the past the website was sometimes far from good value.

: Re: Where to buy power tools
: boysie39 05 November, 2006, 22:41
Hello all ,this is my first effort in any forum so please excuse if I go astray. I am only two years attempting woodwork.In that time buying tools took up alot of my time and money.I have bought tools from many supplierssome more helpful than others.I contacted some suppliers in U.S.but they dont ship to Ireland.The ones that I bought from here are McQUILLENS. VERY helpful , B&Q, ROUTER CENTER. AND P.T.R.S.Power tool repair service Dublin Industrial est.who were very helpful. There are others who just want to make a sale. I would advise that you decide what you want and buy the best model you can afford it,s cheaper in the long haul.Dont end up like me with two and three of everything. Hope this effort has been helpful  the computing only began after the woodwork. Enjoy your result.boysie39 ;D

: Re: Where to buy power tools
: Woodmaster 06 November, 2006, 08:52
Very helpful, Boysie.   Thank you.

: Re: Where to buy power tools
: trollfiddler 10 October, 2008, 14:12


I've bought a lot of stuff from the US. There seems to be some limit around about 150 Euro and after that you get charged import duty.  Stuff for 120 or less doesn't seem to attract a charge. I've bought a couple of power items and you just need to make sure as someone else mentioned that it runs on 220V or is switchable to 220V. After that you can change the plug or just use a 2 pin to 3 pin adapter, which is what I do.

Hand tools used to be a lot cheaper from the US even paying the import duty, but with the Euro dropped against the dollar lately it's not so good. Also people like Axminster who used to rip you off on top quality US tools have seen the light since people started buying direct from the States. They used to charge double price for Lie-Nielsen planes but now they charge more or less what you'd pay direct if you include import duty. So make sure you tot everything up before buying from the UK or the US.

Don't forget Ebay. there are many woodworking tool and power-tool sellers on there and you can grab some great deals from the States.

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