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: ordering power tools from the U.S.
: swift 09 September, 2006, 16:12
Hello forum, I am considering ordering a Dewalt 625 3hp VSE Plunge Router from the States, Are the power ratings completely different or will I just need to change the plug ? Also does anyone know if this is the equvalent to the European model DW625EK, Thanks alot , Paul.

: Re: ordering power tools from the U.S.
: mkpbyrne 10 September, 2006, 10:23


hia swift to my knowledge the us operate on 110 v but im not 100% sure check the manufactures  spec. ineire you can only use 110 (with transformer) or 220 (normal)


: Re: ordering power tools from the U.S.
: pooka 11 September, 2006, 14:11
For the mostpart US tools run off 110v (and 50Hz too, as opposed to 60Hz, if I remember correctly). Basically, in most cases you will need a transformer to run US power tools here. I haven't tried it myself, but I have heard both good and bad things about doing this (the main problem that I saw one person refer to was that the tools can't achieve their full power rating on a transformer here - I don't know enough about electricity to judge whether that is likely though). Best thing would be to talk to an electrician or else have a chat with someone who uses 110v power tools - I have seen a few carpenters use them, for example, and as far as I know 110v is popular on building sites.

The DW625 is an excellent router, by the way. I have used one myself for a few years now. The US model might not be quite the same though. For example, the smaller brother of the DW625 is the DW621 and this model differs between Europe and the US - the biggest difference (and it is a whopper!) is that the US version of the DW621 can take 1/2" bits (and 1/4" bits) whereas the European version is limited to 1/4" bits only. I can't imagine the DW625 will differ so drastically between the US and Europe but there might be small differences. Incidentally, I believe the DW626 is the latest top of the range DeWalt router, and I presumed (perhaps incorrectly) it was going to take over from the DW625. You might either be better off getting a DW626 if the cost is about the same (don't know how much it costs offhand) or else look for deals where the DW625 is being sold off my shops who want to make space for the DW626.

If you want to buy 240v tools, the following sites are worth a look, but be sure to compare their prices with those available elsewhere before making a final decision as prices can vary a lot (there are a whole bunch of websites for European-based tool sellers out there, do a quick search in and you'll get back a long list): (UK based) (UK based) (UK based)

Remember to factor in delivery cost. Axminster give their delivery costs on their website, and I think the others do too. Also, remember that stuff coming in from the US is subject to VAT (21%) and import duty (in or around 7% I think) and all of that gets charged against your order cost plus your delivery cost - whether you get charged that is very much luck of the draw, but budget for it as it is no fun having a bill arrive unexpectedly with your order (speaking from personal experience here!). When you factor those extra costs in, plus delivery costs from the US (which can be expensive from some places), sometimes it is as cheap to buy either here in Ireland or from a European site.

I have used Axminster several times and can recommend them. I have used only once and they were fine too. I haven't used Rutlands but they appear to have a similarly good reputation and some of their special offers are genuinely good value.

: Re: ordering power tools from the U.S.
: trollfiddler 10 October, 2008, 14:15
Oops! I meant to reply to this thread but added my comment to the "Where to buy power tools" one instead by accident. Here it is again.

I've bought a lot of stuff from the US. There seems to be some limit around about 150 Euro and after that you get charged import duty.  Stuff for 120 or less doesn't seem to attract a charge. I've bought a couple of power items and you just need to make sure as someone else mentioned that it runs on 220V or is switchable to 220V. After that you can change the plug or just use a 2 pin to 3 pin adapter, which is what I do.

Hand tools used to be a lot cheaper from the US even paying the import duty, but with the Euro dropped against the dollar lately it's not so good. Also people like Axminster who used to rip you off on top quality US tools have seen the light since people started buying direct from the States. They used to charge double price for Lie-Nielsen planes but now they charge more or less what you'd pay direct if you include import duty. So make sure you tot everything up before buying from the UK or the US.

Don't forget Ebay. there are many woodworking tool and power-tool sellers on there and you can grab some great deals from the States.

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