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16  The Mentor / The Mentor - Television Series / Re: The Mentor Revisited - RTE1 on Thursday, 19th October 2006 on: 09 October, 2006, 22:13
For those interested, the episode of The Mentor Revisited featuring Lisnavagh will be screened on RTE1 on Thursday 19th October at 10.45pm.

The programme looks at the advice we were given here a year ago and whether or not we followed that advice.   Some of you may have seen the article (2 pages!) in the Sunday Times Home section last Sunday (8th October) which explained some of the background.   You do not need to have seen the programme screened in October last year to understand what this is all about - it's all explained for you in the up-coming programme.

If you don't know about Lisnavagh, then this programme will give you a pretty good insight into what we are up to.   In fact even if you DO know Lisnavagh, it will probably reveal a few things you didn't know!

Best Wishes
William Bunbury
17  Irish Hardwood Timber / The Lisnavagh Timber Project / Re: stock proof on: 07 October, 2006, 22:50
The stock list is too small to read when i access it. Is this something at my end or is it the way it's laid out? Any thoughts.

Hi Momolam

The stock lists, price lists, etc. are uploaded as .rtf files (Rich Text Format)   "Normally" this should open in Microsoft Word, perhaps via Internet Explorer.  "Normally" these are easy enough to view.   However, it sounds like you are having trouble!

Ways round this include "Saving As..." and then editing the file with a bigger font size, or perhaps adjusting our settings in Internet Explorer, Word, Mozilla, etc to set a bigger default font size when viewing files.

I have used a small font size in the .rtf files in order to reduce the number of pages involved - and hence the number of pages you need to print...

If anyone else is experiencing problems like this, then please let me know!  Just reply to this message and say so.   If you want to do this privately please e-mail me at   I will produce larger font size reports if needed.

The stock lists, etc are very popular, and so if you have any ideas for improvement, please let me know.


William Bunbury
18  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / Re: Where to buy power tools on: 12 September, 2006, 14:18
Irish sites: (used to be, and might still be, run by O'Callaghans who have a store on Capel Street in Dublin) doesn't seem to exist anymore, but it seems to be affiliated with (if not operated by) Lenehans who are also on Capel Street(?) - see

William Bunbury
19  For Sale & Wanted / For Sale / Tulip Tree Timber on: 05 September, 2006, 10:21
We have access to some sizeable tulip tree wood from a very large tree which has died in Co Limerick.   

If anyone is interested in this, can they please let us know fairly soon (059 9161784, leave a reply on the forum or e-mail 

Our research suggestes that the wood would be suitable for carving and (of all things) it is apparently ideal for the making of organ pipes!   If you have any other information that might be useful to people who may be interested in thsi wood, please post it here.


William Bunbury
20  The Mentor / The Mentor - Television Series / The Mentor Revisited, RTE1 on: 09 August, 2006, 01:19
They're back...
They're filming us again.   
Cameras are here tomorrow...
A Follow-up series for RTE featuring some of the companies in the original series.   
Also Discovery are supposed to be screening the original series and need an update for the last 10 minutes of the programmes.
Here we go!
21  The Mentor / The Mentor - Television Series / Re: Lisnavagh to feature in "The Mentor" on: 09 August, 2006, 01:14
A slightly late reply... my apologies Garry!

Oddly enough my mother used to own Lissard at one point briefly in the 70's!   It was sold for... well I do not want to admit how much... but it might make you cry these days!

The event planned for here in the Mentor (as is now reasonably well known) ended up being the Midlands Festival which was held up at Ballinlough in Meath.   We believe it was for good reasons in terms of fan-base.  We know the folks up at Ballinlough and wish them all the very best (genuinely!) with this new venture up there.  In the meantime we are keeping our eyes open and watch this space!

In the meantime, Tyrone Productions are back to do a follow up filming session this week for "The Mentor Revisited".   So, again, watch this space... and also Discovery are taking it on as well.

William Bunbury
22  Irish Hardwood Timber / Any Other Business / Re: Good day!!! on: 23 June, 2006, 09:28
Erm... Well you could try clicking "Help"?
It's at the top of the screen.
23  Irish Hardwood Timber / Irish timber versus imported timber / POLL: Where would you like your timber to come from? on: 22 May, 2006, 23:36
Just out of interest, we thought we'd try out a poll to see where visitors to this forum would prefer to source their timber.   Of course, we believe that most Irish users would prefer to use Irish timber, if they can source it.   This poll gives you the chance to prove us right... or even to prove us wrong!

Let us know.


William Bunbury
24  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Spindle Moulder on: 22 May, 2006, 18:54
We are looking for a spindle moulder here at the Lisnavagh Timber Project.   We are looking around, but if you know of one that's for sale, or have any recommendations as to where to look, please let us know.

Many thanks
William Bunbury
25  Events / Events, exhibitions and other dates for your calender / Interior Design Show on: 19 May, 2006, 12:17
The Interior Design Show is in the Main Hall at the RDS from Friday, 19th May to Sunday, 21st May 2006.
26  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / MOVED: where can I purchase christmas tree trunks for fencing ?? on: 08 May, 2006, 18:25
This topic has been moved to Wanted.
27  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: where can I purchase christmas tree trunks for fencing ?? on: 08 May, 2006, 18:24
What size of poles are you looking for - length, diameter, etc? And how many?

William bunbury
28  Events / Events, exhibitions and other dates for your calender / Castleconnell Craft Fair on: 01 May, 2006, 17:23
October 28, 2006 - October 29, 2006
This is a very popular craft fair entering its 17th year. There is a large selecion of Irish made crafts of high quality, jewellery, ceramics, furniture, wood turning, paintings, glass, knitwear, clothing, pottery, weaving, candles, papercarft, leatherwork and photography.
Castle Oaks Hotel
Co Limerick
29  Events / Events, exhibitions and other dates for your calender / Showcase Ireland on: 01 May, 2006, 17:06
RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin

See for further details.
30  Events / Events, exhibitions and other dates for your calender / Tracing the line on: 01 May, 2006, 16:53
Taken from Crafts Council of Ireland's web site:
Exploring the formative influences on Irish woodturning. This stunning body of work features historical pieces and new work from seven renowned makers who have helped shape woodturning in Ireland.

Curated by Liam Flynn
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