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31  Events / Events, exhibitions and other dates for your calender / The ISA UK & Ireland Tree Climbing Championships 2006 on: 24 April, 2006, 15:09
The Irish Open Tree Climbing Championships 2006 will take place here at Lisnavagh (Rathvilly, Co Carlow) on 13th & 14th May.   See for further details.
32  For Sale & Wanted / For Sale / Elm logs and burrs on: 07 April, 2006, 11:12
This posting is being submitted on behalf of Donal Kerr

Please find attached photos of a quantity of elm logs and burrs.

I would like a craftsman to make something of this wood rather than have it chopped up for the fire.

If you know of anyone who may be interested then please get in touch.

Donal Kerr
Carlingford, Co Louth
085 720 4124
33  Our Web Site / This Forum / Forum improvements on: 06 April, 2006, 18:49
Regular visitors to this forum will have noticed some changes recently. 

The technical bit is that we have switched the forum from a perl based script to one that uses a MySQL database.   The result (indeed the reason for doing this) is that MySQL allows pages load much, much faster.   No more CGI Errors!

There is still some work to do (at the time of writing).   We will be incorporating amore of Lisnavagh Timber Project type theme to the look and feel of the forum (logos, colouring, etc).   We will let all our members know with a short e-mail when this has been completed.
34  Employment & Work Experience / Positions offered / Re: Vacancy at Lisnavagh Estate on: 31 March, 2006, 00:14
This position has now been filled
35  Irish Hardwood Timber / Tricks of the trade / Re: storing kiln dried timber on: 14 March, 2006, 18:24

Wood will always try and achieve a moisture content that is consistent with it's surroundings.   (This is called EMC, or Equilibrium Moisture Content).   In other words, the damper the atmosphere it is stored in, the higher the moisture content (MC) of the wood becomes.  

Wrapping the wood in a bag might help to slow or even stop the rate at which the wood absorbs moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, but this may not be neccessary if the wood is being stored in a dry atmosphere anyway.   Putting it on a rack might allow the air to circulate around the timber, which is fine if the wood is wet and the air is dry.   But dry wood in a humid atmosphere will soak up the moisture from the air, and a rack might makr this happen more quickly!...

The ideal storage would be a room which has the same level of moisture in the air as the room that the "final product" ends up in when it is finished.

Here at Lisnavagh, we try to keep the atmosphere at about the same level of humidity as you would find in a modern house by using three dehumidifiers in the building where the kiln dried boards are stored.  There are varying views about what that level of humidity should be, but I think it should be between 40% and 60% Relative Humidity - and the lower the better.   When the boards come out of the kiln, they are generally 10%MC.   They will stay at this level for weeks, but I have found some boards at 12-13%MC after a year or so.   That's not too bad, but beginning to get high.   (Having been kiln dried, it will be a more stable piece of timber anyway.

Se our glossary at for further info on this.

Best wishes
William Bunbury
36  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / Re: planer/thicknessser on: 10 March, 2006, 11:05

We have generally sawn timber at 1", 2", 3", etc in the past.   It will be some time before timber in other dimensions is available.   We have to saw it first, then air dry it for several months before kiln drying it.   It might take us a year or so before it is ready for sale...   Also, we generally work with hard woods, and always from Ireland, so we would not have southern yellow pine in stock.   We occasionally have scots pine.

It might be worth you coming to have a look though.   We don't have opening times, as such.   We meet customers by appointment (as I am not always about).  This can include weeknds, although Saturdays would be greeatly preferred to Sundays.   Please e-mail/telephone me to arrange a visit here when it suits you.

Many thanks

37  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / Re: planer/thicknessser on: 09 March, 2006, 18:04

The answer to your first question is yes.   A thicknesser will allow you to reduce the thickness of a board down to a few millimeters.

The answer to the rest of your questions is a little less straight forward...

A planer thicknesser has two functions - namely, planing and thicknessing.
  • Planing is the removal of a surface of a board to get a smooth surface.
Thicknessing is reducing the thickness of the board (down to a specific thickness) by shaving off the unwanted material.  
So, you are not, for example, splitting a 1" board into two 1/2" boards with a thicknesser.   If using a thicknesser on a 1" board, you end up with ONE 1/2" board and a large pile of shavings!

Your main problem, basically, seems to be the lack of availability of boards at less than 1" thick.  (This is something we are looking into supplying here at the Lisnavagh Timber Project). One option might be to buy thicker boards and try spliting them with a bandsaw.   Depending on the bandsaw and how wide the boards are, this should be possible.

There is more information (including diagrams) on planer thicknessers here

I hope that this might be of some help to you.
William Bunbury
38  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / Re: Worktops on: 07 March, 2006, 18:04
It probably depends on what look you are after, but we have made worktops for customers here from oak, ash, spalted beech & sycamore and they have all worked out well.
39  Employment & Work Experience / Positions offered / Vacancy at Lisnavagh Estate - position now filled on: 14 February, 2006, 19:18
This position has now been filled - sorry!

Lisnavagh Estate (not just the Timber Project) is pleased to be able to offer a new and interesting career opportunity to a suitable person as an Assistant Manager.   The position is available from April 2006.  

For further details of the position, please e-mail williambunbury@lisnavagh.comor telephone William Bunbury on +353 (0)59 9161285.
40  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: Railway Sleepers on: 11 January, 2006, 10:31

I haven't worked with railway sleepers myself, so I don't know a lot about them.   However, I think that the "solution" they are soaked in probably creosote (an oil based preservative).   Creosote is fairly nasty stuff, and allegedly carcinogenic.   However, as a mantle piece that may or may not matter too much?

If you are prepared to travel here from Limerick, you could have a look at a couple of 4" thick pieces of elm that we have in stock, and which were sawn as mantle pieces.   This is the darkest wood that we have.

Best wishes
William Bunbury
41  Irish Hardwood Timber / Any Other Business / Re: seasons greetings on: 20 December, 2005, 23:53
Many thanks Michael and best wishes to you too.
42  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / Re: Where to find woodworking training? on: 07 December, 2005, 10:38

Thanks for the message.   There were woodcarving courses here last year (2004) run by Eoghan O'Neill.   However, he has now moved on and I'm not sure if he is still running courses.   I have just telephoned him and left a message for him to reply to your message, if appropriate.

Otherwise, perhaps someone else offering wood carving courses will spot your message and reply!

Best wishes

William Bunbury
43  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: Shavings required on: 02 November, 2005, 12:25
Unfortunately we do not deal with very much pine so we couldn't help you here.
You could try contacting Graces Sawmill which works (I think exclusively) in pine.   They are on the N81 at the turn off to Knockanarrigan, just north of Baltinglass, Co Wicklow - not sure of their contact details.
Hope that helps
William Bunbury
44  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: Shavings required on: 01 November, 2005, 22:49
Can you state what type of shavings you are after?  
  • Hardwood?  
Does it matter?
For example...

William Bunbury
45  Irish Hardwood Timber / The Lisnavagh Timber Project / Business Review - Suggestions welcome on: 20 October, 2005, 13:35
Many of you are customers of ours, and we would appreciate any suggestions that you may have for improvements to the Lisnavagh Timber Project.

We are currently reviewing the Timber Project and looking at ways to improve and expand the service(s) that we do or could offer.   For example, last year we built our own kiln, a new office and added a workshop which allows us to dimension timber to customer's requirements and which has proved to be very successful and popular.

We are currently looking at ways to improve service to woodturners, adding another kiln, additional equipment for the workshop, delivery options and improving the quality and consistancy of supply of the timber itself.   These options will be incorporated into a business plan before being implimented later this year or early in 2006.

If you feel there is something that we should be looking into or if you have any suggestions, please do let us know - your input is more than welcome.

Best wishes
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