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46  The Mentor / The Mentor - Television Series / Lisnavagh to feature in "The Mentor", RTE1 on: 20 October, 2005, 13:25
On Thursday 27th October 2005 (next Thursday), Lisnavagh Estate features on "The Mentor" TV series - the last episode of the current series.

Jay Bourke & Jeanne Bolger have quizzed us, grilled us and looked into all the goings on here at Lisnavagh, including the Lisnavagh Timber Project, and come up with some useful suggestions for the challenges that we face here.

So, if you want to learn a bit more about Lisnavagh and ourselves, take a look at "The Mentor" on RTE1 at 10.15pm next Thursday, 27th October 2005.

Use this forum to let have your thoughts on the programme!
47  Our Web Site / This Forum / This Forum on: 14 October, 2005, 12:41
We have upgraded this forum (now on YaBB2).
Let us know what you think!
Also, let us know if you have any difficulties in viewing messages, replying, etc.
You can e-mail us at
All the best
William Bunbury
48  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: larch on: 21 June, 2005, 14:19
Thanks Mick.

When people refer to Japanese and/or European larch, they are talking about two different species of larch, rather than the country where the tree was grown.

Having said that, Japanese larch grows quicker than European larch and tends to be softer as a result.

William Bunbury
49  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: wanted - elm / oak burrs on: 24 May, 2005, 18:18
I can't really give you a price sensibly.  As you know, every burr is different in size, shape, looks, and features.   I will e-mail you directly with a photo or two and give you some idea of what I might be looking for so that you can decide whether or not to come here and have a proper look at them.
50  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: wanted - elm / oak burrs on: 20 May, 2005, 12:22
We have a few quite large burrs of elm here at Lisnavagh, and also oak.   The burrs are up to about 4 ft.
51  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / Re: Getting started on: 12 April, 2005, 20:26

You are more than welcome to come here and have a look at the different woods that we have in stock (you don't have to buy anything!).  I can also show you around the workshop and discuss some of the tools, what they do, and so on.   Please ring me beforehand (059 9161784) to arrange a suitable date & time.

If anyone else reading this feels that it would be useful if we ran a course on woods, woodworking, tools & equipment, etc., please could you leave a mesage on this forum.   If there is enough interest, we will gladly run a course.


William Bunbury
52  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: 3/4" steel pipes? on: 15 March, 2005, 01:02

Good to hear from you again.

First thought is, where did the clamp heads come from?   Would they be able to source them for you?

Second thought is get someone to make them.   I suggest ringing JAP Engineering just down the road from here or Precision Engeneering in Tullow.   Sorry I don't have their numbers to hand.   Give me a ring and I'll try and dig them out for you!

William Bunbury
53  For Sale & Wanted / Wanted / Re: larch on: 28 October, 2004, 01:01

In this weather, communicating with a boat builder could be quite a bright move!  

We have had a number of enquiries from people who are building or repairing boats.  

Perhaps like you, they are frequently looking for larch, usually in a hurry and always seem to need lengths of 20 ft or more.

We specialise in hardwood timber (larch is a softwood), but we do take in a little larch from time to time if it is of good enough quality.

So, we have a bit of larch, but the longest pieces we have are 17ft 8" - and presumably you need a 20 ft length in one piece?  In fact this larch is the longest of the 4,075 pieces of timber that we have listed on our database.

The sawmill that we usually use is limited in the length of log that it can deal with with. For most of our customers 7 or 8 ft lenghts are more than enough.  

However, and particularly for boat builders/repairers, we will try to obtain longer lengths in future.   If you have any advice about the sizes (you mention 2 x 2 for example), this would be useful for us.   Also, is larch the best timber?  Does it matter if it is European or Japanese Larch?  

Any suggestions from you and/or like-minded Noah's would be appreciated!

Best wishes.
54  Our Web Site / Website News / Web Site News on: 26 October, 2004, 20:07
We have updated our Stock Lists and Price Lists so that they display as RTF (Rich Text Format) documents. This is an improvement, as all pages are now downloaded at once (whereas before this several pages of stock had to be viewed seperately).

RTF documents can be viewed using Microsoft Word, WordPad and several other viewers. Visit the Stockroom to see what timber we have in stock at the moment.

Click this link to go directly to our Stockroom.
55  Our Web Site / Website News / Re: Glossary of terms on: 15 October, 2004, 16:52
Many thanks for the kind words Pooka.  
56  Our Web Site / Website News / A message to visitors of this forum on: 10 October, 2004, 10:44
Firstly thank you for visiting.  
You might be visiting for all sorts of reasons, but please do not feel afraid to post a question!  

At the time of writing this, for example, there are two guests online apart from me - it's a start!   But please leave a question or an answer somewhere and help this to become a serious forum - it's the only one of it's kind in Ireland and we want it to work.
Thank you.
William Bunbury
57  Our Web Site / Website News / Re: Glossary of terms on: 01 October, 2004, 18:55
Phew.   We have got to "Z" at last!   (Well, "W" actually, but we couldn't think of words starting in X, Y or Z... any thoughts anyone?!)

There are 157 words & phrases now in the Glossary, and we want it to grow even more. Shocked

58  Our Web Site / Website News / Glossary of terms on: 21 August, 2004, 11:35
We are currently compiling the Glossary. (See   Please keep an eye on it, and let us have any thoughts.  

We welcome suggestions for any additional terms & phrases that should be included, and indeed any corrections!

At the time of writing, we are about half way through the list, aphabetically, and you can see how far we have got by looking at the font.   (The text in Times New Roman has not yet been edited)

59  Irish Hardwood Timber / Irish timber versus imported timber / Re: The colour of oak on: 18 August, 2004, 10:57
I am no expert on American White Oak, as we do not supply it.   However, I know that American white oak is a different species to Irish and English oak (there are several hundred species of oak in the world.   American oak is Quercus alba, whereas the "Irish" or Sessile Oak is Quercus petraea and the "English" or Pendunculate oak is Quercus robur.    

In terms of colour, the American White Oak does (I believe) have a slightly lighter colour than the Irish & English oaks, but it is still basically a golden/tan colour, and not actually white.

The colour (of any timber) can also be affected by minerals in the earth around the roots of the tree.  These meineals can cause streaks to appear in the timber or just give the timber a generally darker colour.   This is regarded by some as a blemish, although we and many others consider it to be a feature!   It's a matter for personal preference.

I hope that this is of some help.

William Bunbury
60  Irish Hardwood Timber / Getting started / Re: Where to find woodworking training? on: 22 July, 2004, 15:01
We can offer wood carving/sculpting courses here at Lisnavagh.  The courses are run by Eoghan O'Neill.  See his website at

Otherwise in terms of furniture courses I am not sure.  There is the Furniture Technology Centre at Letterfrack in Galway, but that's not too handy for Dublin!   Then again, they might be able to direct you?

Maybe another visitor to this forum can offer advice!
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