LTP Newsletter - July 2007 - Issue No.14

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Welcome to the 14th Edition of this Newsletter for the Lisnavagh Timber Project

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In this Newsletter

Expansion of the Timber Project

This year has been a busy one so far, not least because of the completion in April of a comprehensive business plan for "Phase Three" for the continuing development & expansion of the Lisnavagh Timber Project.

This business plan & budget were also linked in with several other proposals for the remainder of Lisnavagh Estate's enterprises, so the work was quite complex.

We are delighted to report that we obtained approval for 100% of our funding proposals this week.

This means that we can now proceed with all planned proposals for the Lisnavagh Timber Project including:-

  • a new purpose built building (to replace the existing Dry Room),
  • a full time emplyment position (assistant manager)
  • a new & bigger kiln
  • and the purchase of new tools & equipment over the course of the next twelve months.

Vacancy for a Full Time Assistant Manager

As part of our business plan, a full time Assistant Manager for the Lisnavagh Timber Project is now being sought.

The main responsibilites include:

  • obtaining hardwood logs (from Lisnavagh and all around the country),
  • managing stock levels,
  • arranging sawmilling,
  • handling enquiries,
  • dealing with sales,
  • liaising with our joiner(s),
  • invoicing
  • managing the database,
  • loading/inloading kiln(s) and monitoring MCs
  • marketing
  • attending fairs & shows

As can be seen, the position offers a good variety of interesting work at Lisnavagh. Elsewhere on the estate, an number of other enterprises are also expanding. A growing number of individuals and businesses at Lisnavagh are thriving on good teamwork in a good location with a happy working atmosphere.

This exciting employment opportunity is available now. The position must be filled this summer or early autumn at the latest. Salary is dependant upon experience.

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity, please contact William Bunbury by e-mail at, by telephone on 059 9161784 or by writing to The Lisnavagh Timber Project, Lisnavagh, Rathvillly, Co Carlow.

[Click here for further details on the position]

Price Review

We are currently carrying out a review of our timber prices as it is now more than two years ago since we last did this. A small increas can be expected, but it is our aim to remain competitive and to represent good value for money. We expect that the price increases will come into effect during August.

Stock Lists & Stock News

As always, our up-to-date stock lists and price list can be found at on our website. We have revised the format of these stock lists so that they are more comprehensive, they download rapidly ( in seconds) and so they are an even better guide to what we have in stock at any given moment.

Currently there is about 435 cu ft of kiln dried timber, 621 cu ft of air dried timber, 1157 cu ft of air drying timber (not for sale until dry) and a number of beams, stakes, PAOs and a few square turning blanks.

We milled about 60 tonnes of logs in March. We are gathering in logs (including elm) now and hope to be sawmilling again in the autumn.

The new building, which we plan to build next year, will allow for the storage of greater amount of timber.

Turning Blanks

We have started to put together some wood turning blanks for wood turners. There's a limited number availableat the moment (See the list here). However, very shortly we will be making more blanks. These are be square blanks at the moment, but circular blanks will also be available shortly. Blanks will be available as green (fresh/wet), airdried and kiln dried and in several types of timber.

Web Site News

The hits are still coming fast and furious and the web site ( is certainly the most usual way for our customers to find us.

Irish Wood Forum

If you haven't already seen it, try the forum. ( Because of the number of attempts by spammers to leave messages on the forum we have had to ask people to register before they can use it. However, it is a simple process to register and a useful source of information for users. All registrations are checked by us personally - we refuse 20-30 spammers a day at the moment.

We are working hard to keep the forum free of spam and useful to you (unlike a few other forums!), so please do use it!


Thank you for reading this Newsletter and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best wishes,

The Lisnavagh Timber Project


Contact information

William McClintock Bunbury
The Lisnavagh Timber Project
The Farmhouse, Lisnavagh, Rathvilly, Co Carlow, Ireland

Tel:             (059) 9161784       Int'l: +353 59 91 61784
Fax:             (059) 9161475       Int'l  +353 59 91 61475

Web site:

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