LTP Newsletter - October 2005 - Issue No.11

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Welcome to the Eleventh Edition of this Newsletter for the Lisnavagh Timber Project


Welcome to our latest Newsletter, and an especially warm welcome to our new subscribers.

We're going to be on Telly! Tonight!!!

Well, assuming you get this e-mail on Thursday, 27th October 2005, you can learn more about Lisnavagh Estate and what we are up to on RTE1 tonight at 10.15pm.

Lisnavagh Estate features in the final episode of the current series of "The Mentor". You may have seen some of this series already - the viewing figures seem to be excellent.

The programme looks at several aspects of Lisnavagh Estate, including the Lisnavagh Timber Project which most of you are already familiar with. However, you might be interested in the several other equally inportant aspects to Lisnavagh that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Let us know what you think if you like - you can leave a message on Our Forum: Visit the Forum at

Enjoy the show, if you get a chance to watch it!

New Easy-to-See Stocklist

We redesigned the Summary of Current Stock which features on our web site since the last newsletter.

It is now nearly half the size and contains a great deal more detail, including a breakdown of thicknesses for each state of each species!

Now, at a glance, you can get an even clearer picture of what we have in stock. And this list is always up to date, being updated every few days or after any major change in stock.

The lists are regularly updated and can be found at:

Currently in stock

We have over 2,500 cu ft of sawn, air-dried and kiln dried hardwood timber in stock at the moment.  

Our new kiln is flat out and trying to keep pace with demand - we are likely to put in a second, bigger kiln in the coming months!

Finished wood

Since we set up our workshop last year, we have seen a very decent upturn in business - notably in the production of kitchen worktops, bookshelves and dimensioned timber for DIY enthusiasts.

Repeat business for custom made worktops, shelving, mantelpieces and other finished items is very encouraging.

The waiting list is currently about 28 days, depending on timber availability.

Business Review & Plans

Like any other business, we need to look at where we have gone and where we are going to. We did this earlier last year and made some significant improvements by investing in good ideas and the business has grown significantly as a result.

It is (already!) time for us to look at the whole business again and to see what the next moves might be, and we started this process last month. We are looking at ways to improve consitency of supply, storage capacity, delivery options, kiln drying capacity, woodland improvement & supplies.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions, tell us quickly!



As well as our own supply of (mainly windblown) timber from Lisnavagh, we are continuing to look at supplies from outside sources - particularly the more unusual timbers and species that may not be commonly found in our own woods.

We have also engaged the services of a highly reputable consultant to look at the improvement of our own woodlands at Lisnavagh and to ensure the sustainability of the woodlands in terms of timber supply and their high amenity value.


Our sales figures are still going up and up. The Lisnavagh Timber Project is continuing to grow at a fast rate with increasing numbers of customers seeking an increasing range of finished and unfinished timber products.

Web Site

Our web site, at, is achieving plenty of hits. The web site is still the most usual way for our customers to discover us.

Please make use of the Forum! You do not need to Register to see the discussion topics, or even to leave a message! (This was the case until recently, but we felt that it was putting people off using the forum and have adjusted the settings accordingly). So have a look, and leave a message! Click here to visit the Forum.

If you would like a link from our web site to yours, please visit our Links page where you can add your link to our web site. Alternatively, just e-mail us and we can add a link for you.

Need a workshop?

We have workshop space available here at Lisnavagh. The workshops would be ideal for anybody working with hardwood timber, as there is a very plentiful supply of timber on the doorstep!

Please contact William Bunbury on 059 9161285, or e-mail if you would like to learn more about these possibilities.


Thank you for reading this Newsletter and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best wishes,

William McClintock Bunbury

The Lisnavagh Timber Project

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William McClintock Bunbury
The Lisnavagh Timber Project
The Farmhouse, Lisnavagh, Rathvilly, Co Carlow, Ireland

Tel:             (059) 9161784       Int'l: +353 59 91 61784
Fax:             (059) 9161475       Int'l  +353 59 91 61475

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