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The Lisnavagh Timber Project

Newsletter  -  September 2001  -  Issue No.1

Welcome to this, the first edition of the LTP Newsletter!

This is a monthly Newsletter updating you on the latest developments of The Lisnavagh Timber Project (LTP)

In this edition:

  • Subscribers - Thank you.
  • The Objective of this Project
  • Timber in Stock - Latest details
  • Timber storage facilities
  • A Launch?
  • Sawmills - Four static & mobile sawmills tried & tested
  • Enquiries to date
  • Advertising & Publicity
  • Visiting Lisnavagh
  • Web Site potential

  • Subscribers

    Firstly, thank you for replying to the earlier e-mail confirming that you want to be kept updated.   The response was very encouraging.

    This newsletter is being written for you, and so if there is something that you want to see featured, or if there is too much information, then please say so.   For example, some people found the earlier (introductory) e-mail frustrating, because of the fancy background, hard to read text, etc. and hence the change in format.

    The Objectives of this Project

    Currently, the Project aims to take hardwood timber from the self-sustaining woodlands at Lisnavagh and convert it (as a fully traceable product) for supply to Ireland's furniture industry.

    Soon, there is every likelihood that the Project will expand into sourcing homegrown hardwood timber from outside Lisnavagh as well, in order to keep pace with anticipated demand.   The Project also hopes to (and has in fact started to) forge partnerships with other like-minded business (such as yours?), with a view to creating a coordinated supply of good quality hardwood timber throughout Ireland.    An efficient supply will be able to accommodate the demand that already exists.

    Timber in Stock

    At Lisnavagh, there is currently about 1,200 cu ft in total (= approx 40 cu m).

    This is all air-drying at present, and includes Beech, Spalted Beech, Douglas Fir, Elm, Wytch Elm, Lime, Oak, Turkey Oak, Red Larch, Scots Pine, Silver Fir, Sycamore and Walnut.

    The Project specialises in hardwood timber, but the inclusion of some softwood timber could prove beneficial (in order to widen our focus) and so some effort has been made in this respect.

    On the way is another 500 cu ft of hardwood timber, which is due to be sawn & kiln dried in the very near future.   This includes hardwoods mentioned in the above list, and also a fair bit of Ash.

    Timber Storage facilities

    The old sheep shed has been patched up and minor modifications made to make this an ideal shed for air-drying timber.

    Meanwhile, the site preparation work for a "Dry Room" (for the storage of 1,000+ cu ft of kiln-dried timber) has commenced.  This will be a warm, dry & secure building-within-a-building, and is specifically for ensuring that moisture contents in kiln-dried timbers remain at a low level.

    A Launch?

    The possibility of an official "Launch" for the Project is being considered.   This would take place at Lisnavagh, perhaps in the newly built Dry Room itself!?

    You (as a "subscriber" to the Newsletter) will be invited along once the plans are firmed up.


    The Project has made use of four sawmills so far, comprising a cross section of band saws and circular saws, both mobile and static.

    The sawmills involved are a Stenner 48 (static band saw), Lucas Mill (mobile circular saw), Wood-Mizer (mobile band saw) and our own rather antiquated sawmill here at Lisnavagh (static circular saw... and powered by a terrifying, if beautiful, single cylinder diesel Blackstone engine!).

    All of these sawmills have their good points and their bad points.   There are good reasons for the differences, and each one of the sawmills is likely to be better than the others for certain situations.   This is why the Project tried them all.

    There are  photographs on the Project web site's photo gallery, with brief descriptions attached to each photo, of all of these mills (except for our own sawmill at this stage.)   If you want a personal opinion, please ask.

    Enquiries to Date

    This has been encouraging!   From the occasional tree that might be of interest to the Project (and often is), through to potential orders that are far too big for Lisnavagh alone to cope with (at this early stage!)   Actual sales have been fairly minimal so far, but this is expected, because the timber is still drying and won't be ready for the market for a few weeks.   Some kiln dried supplies are anticipated in the next few weeks, and this will encourage sales.

    Advertising & Marketing

    Yes, we are using the best form of advertising in the world!   And it's the cheapest too.   Word of mouth.   (Thank you!)

    At this stage, nothing has been spent on marketing the Lisnavagh Timber Project.   This Newsletter, combined with the web site, is the nearest thing to any actual advertising that the Project has experienced to date.

    However, in the future, some advertising and publicity is likely to make more sense.
    To coincide with the Launch (to be announced), press releases will be forwarded to local and national media, as there a several aspects to the Project which are unique and of possible public interest.

    All that aside, the best form of publicity is word of mouth, and it is hoped that this will be in the form of good words!

    Visiting Lisnavagh

    You are very welcome to come and see what we have at the moment.   Please contact William Bunbury on (059 91) 61784 or (087) 987 5104 to arrange a time for your visit.

    The Web Site

    The Project's web site (at is undergoing continuous development and is regularly being updated.   More people are beginning to visit the site now that one or two search engines are listing it, with several more hopefully listing it soon.

    On the web site, you can learn more about the Background to the Project, the Products available, view the extensive Photo Gallery, and see the Latest News & Updates.

    And Finally...

    Thank you for reading this Newsletter, which is hopefully of interest.
    (If you consider this is junk mail (huh!?), then simply unsubscribe - see below.)
    If you have any comments, please hit "Reply" and let us have them!

    Many thanks and best wishes,

    William McClintock Bunbury

    The Lisnavagh Timber Project
    Ireland making trees, to make timber, to make furniture, makes sense.


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