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The Lisnavagh Timber Project

Newsletter  -  December 2001  -  Issue No.3

Welcome to the LTP Newsletter!

This is a Newsletter updating you on the latest developments of The Lisnavagh Timber Project (LTP)
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In this edition:

The Objectives of this Project

The Project takes hardwood timber from the self-sustaining woodlands at Lisnavagh and converts it (as fully traceable products) for supply to Ireland's furniture industry.  For a full background on the Project, visit

November issue

No Newsletter was issued in November.
There was little to report on, although a lot was actually happening.
But rather than tell you about several half-completed aspects of the Project last month, it seemed more appropriate to wait and tell you about several completed aspects of the Project this month!

Dry Room

The building work has just been completed.
The Dry Room is designed to store kiln dried timber and maintain moisture contents at 8-10%.
To discover more about this building, please visit

The first kiln-dried stock arrives

We have now started kiln drying timber.
The first 130 cu ft (mainly elm) has been dried to 8-10% MC and is available from our Dry Room at Lisnavagh.
More timber (oak, beech, lime, etc) will be in the kiln this weekend.

Sales to date

Up to recently, our sales of timber were at a very nominal level while the Project developed.
However, we are now receiving regular enquires and sales, and the time has come to see if this Project will be as successful as it should be.
The availability of kiln-dried timber and the construction of the Dry Room has made a major difference to the credibility of the Project and this is probably why interest in the Project and sales of timber have increased significantly.

Timber in Stock

There is currently over 1,500 cu ft of timber in stock Available for purchase as kiln-dried, air-dried or air-drying timber.
The Project specialises in hardwood timber, but some softwood timber is occasionally also available.
Also available (from outside Lisnavagh), we currently have direct access to some Wellingtonia/sequoia, cherry (gean) and a large amount of air-dried elm.
Remember: if we don't seem to have what you are looking for, we can probably find it for you.
Visit our website to see further information on what is available:
Enquiries are always welcome.   Telephone: 059 9161784  (International: + 353 59 91 61784).   Or email:

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Web Site

Our web site, our internet exposure, this newsletter, our e-mails and so on are not likely to be the whole reason for any success of this project, but they are important, and they are likely to become more and more important as time moves on as the flexibility and capability of such communications and media increases.
We have achieved a high rating on several search engines now, and the hits are coming in.
For example, the Google search engine ranks The Lisnavagh Timber Project as the Number One site in the World for web surfers searching for "Hardwood timber in Ireland".  (Google is the most commonly used search engine on the internet).

And Finally...

Thank you for reading this Newsletter, which is hopefully of interest.
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Many thanks.
And if we're not in touch beforehand, may we take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

William McClintock Bunbury

The Lisnavagh Timber Project

Ireland - the perfect place...
to make trees, to make timber, to make furniture.
It makes sense.


The Lisnavagh Timber Project would like to acknowledge the support of Carlow County Enterprise Board.


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