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Newsletter  - June 2002  -  Issue No.4

Welcome to this edition of the Newsletter for the Lisnavagh Timber Project (LTP)

Our current supplies & stock

Since the last Newsletter there has been a significant increase in our sawn, air-dried and kiln-dried stock, which currently includes oak, ash, elm, beech, spalted beech, elm, wych elm, lime, birch, sycamore, pine and larch.

The stock list is currently being updated on our database, but accounts for well over 2,000 cu ft of timber at present.

Our resources

Although the storms at the end of last January were not that severe a number a trees did come down, and there were a few other windblown trees from earlier years which were also collected up. A couple of dead oaks and a stunning dead wych elm were felled as they were in danger of coming down onto the adjacent public road.

This was sawn at Lisnavagh in March and in June using a top-of-the-range WoodMizer mobile bandsaw and is now being carefully stacked to air dry before kiln-drying.

Other potential resources

There are a number of other farms & estates around Ireland that have substantial resources available, and this could be very beneficial to the LTP by allowing the range, quantity and geographical spread of our stock to increase.

This would, significantly, allow furniture makers in Ireland to take advantage of a more consistent supply of quality hardwood timber and thus encourage furniture makers to use more Irish home-grown hardwoods, rather than imported hardwoods.

A scheme, which would encourage owners of farms & estates to perhaps "partner" with the LTP is currently being considered. This would provide the owners with a greater income for their timber than if they were to simply "flog it to the timber merchant". If you would like to be part of the consultation process for this scheme, please contact William Bunbury (


As always, every plank of hardwood timber that comes off the sawbench is reference numbered, measured and catalogued on our comprehensive database.

This database is the key to the traceability of our timber and allows us to trace timber in a piece of furniture back to the stump of the tree that it came from, with a full history of why the tree was felled or why it came down, along with what measures were taken to replace the tree.

It would also provide the basis for calculating "dividends" payable to any partner's timber following a sale of their timber.

Sales & Marketing

Up to now, the only publicity and marketing effort for LTP has been via our web site and word of mouth.

Although significant & growing sales are being achieved by these two effective marketing tools, we are certain that greater sales can be achieved by a wider marketing plan which is now being determined. This Newsletter, mail shots, advertising, an official launch and other promotional ideas are being considered. This will start to be implemented at the beginning of July.

And Finally...

Thank you for reading this Newsletter, which is hopefully of interest.

If you have any comments, please hit "Reply" and let us have them!

William McClintock Bunbury
The Lisnavagh Timber Project




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